After joining Replug Records at the end of 2015 to work with Henri (Cid Inc) co-running the label, we had some fluid goals which we wanted to achieve through 2016. One of which was to set out a rough plan to see whether we could bring together a Various Artists Album which not only highlights established names, but also pushes up and coming artists. Whilst compiling and curating this album it was important to have one foot firmly in the now, featuring current, cutting edge sounds and producers, but also with one foot in the not too distant future.

Through this process, we wanted to see how the music would fall into place without a fixed structure at the start, more of an organic entwining of sounds to see where the pieces would naturally fall. We received a lot of music through the year, so a pattern soon emerged, allowing us to then focus on the flow and structure of the release and the final tracklist of 10 standout tracks.  The end result became something we’re both incredibly happy with, and the continued high profile support for the release stands testament to the talented artists and producers who were kind enough to be part of this project.

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