I was kindly asked to put together an exclusive guest mix for the Independance Radioshow on RadiOzora hosted by Fine Beats along with a “mini Interview” for the Ozorian Prophet which you can read below.


OP: According to beatport (there’s no data on discogs) your first EP came out in September 2014 on OPTIMIZED RECORDINGS. Some months later the next one on Replug. Then you became the label manager shortly after. Tell us how this happened, how did you become the Replug label head?

O: Hi! Yeah, it looks like it all happened very quickly, but in truth there is a longer story behind “Orsen”. I started producing under and using the name Orsen around 2 years ago, I wanted a fresh project start and a new approach as I was experimenting with different styles under various monikers for a few years prior to this. Quite a few people have been a bit confused as to how I sort of appeared out of nowhere, but in reality I have been working in and on the peripherals of the dance music industry for some time in different capacities. Henri (Cid Inc) has been my mastering engineer for some time through my different projects, and we have got on well for a long time. It was clear with his busy touring schedule and my previous experience in various areas, from running a label to design, project management and a thorough understanding of the industry, it was something we could join forces on to move the label into a stronger position to give a platform for music we love, and here we are now 🙂

OP: What’s your relationship with Henri? What have you learned from him?

O: Henri has first and foremost become a really good friend since we have been working together, we both have similar ideas and also in the music we both like, we rarely disagree on what we want to release on the label, which is important as we need to both back something 100% before taking it on. It’s easy to forget speaking with each other nearly every day the quality of Henri’s work and his professional approach to everything he does, he is certainly one of the pioneering artists / DJ’s in the underground scene today and a privilege to work with. If there is one thing I have taken from Henri, it’s with regards to my own confidence in the music I am producing, I used to struggle with this for some time and often sit on tracks not being happy with them, but he has been a voice of reason there for sure, I have more confidence in my own sound these days.

OP: In connection with this, what was going on before 2014? What were you up to before 2014?

O: Yes, as I mentioned before, I have actually been around for much longer than the Orsen name would allow you to believe. I’ve released through several labels and artist names through the years, from early rave to trance and progressive (and few others in between). I also used to write for an underground dance music magazine in the UK and run a label, so being involved in the scene has always been of key interest to me. It wasn’t until I moved to Austria just over 10 years ago that I made the jump into building a studio and really working to get better at my craft, sound design and finding my own sonic space as it were, I think this started to happen with the Orsen name, which is why I now write solely under this alias.

OP: You were born in the UK, you are a Finnish record label’s manager, but you live in Linz, Austria? Why is that? Isn’t it on the sidelines of electronic music?

O: Haha, yes, Linz / Austria doesn’t have a strong scene for Progressive, there are some good nights, mainly techno, deep house etc, but not too much of what we are involved in. I love living here though, it is a nice city surrounded by countryside, I find this good for recharging the batteries and helping clear the mind. As I mentioned, I am originally from the UK, but moved here some years ago and with technology now, it doesn’t matter where you live, unless you are a touring DJ, then being close to a main hub airport is important…

OP: You’re busy with managing, so there’s less time for making music. What are your plans for 2017? What releases do you plan for 2017?

O: Yes, busy with the label, we are continuously working on lining up releases, trying to give exposure to new artists as well as build a small family of established ones too, this takes up a lot of time, but it is something which we think is important to do properly. We also have some other exciting plans for ‘Replug’ which I don’t want to say to much about yet… Personally I plan to release a lot more than this year, an EP on Replug and a couple of labels I like to work with for sure and hopefully a few more, but I plan to spend a lot more time working in the studio. I have a couple of remixes lined up to kick the year off with already on Replug and Proton. 🙂

OP: Will your own music career come more to the forefront next year than label management?

O: I think in some ways they work hand in hand, but whether my music career comes to the forefront is something only time will tell, I think I just need to concentrate on releasing more good music that I am happy with and see where it takes me. One area which I hadn’t pushed is DJ’ing under Orsen until ADE this year, but I am looking at expanding the gig diary through 2017 😉

OP: Where will you be for the Eve of 2017?

O: Actually, I have nothing planned, it has been a long and a very busy year, so I am planning on having a relaxing New Year’s at home and looking forward to 2017 with a fresh head.