Ad Brown – Calibre (Orsen Remix)

Title : Calibre
Release Date : 2016
Label :
Format : Digital Download


Austrian based artist, Dan Baseley, has celebrated an impressive 2015 through his Orsen production moniker. A man with a studious, considered approach to his craft, the use of field recordings and sound design are integral components of his impressive work that have helped him “stamp individuality” on his productions.

A debut for Optimized Recordings in 2014 was soon followed by the elegant “Look Twice” EP for Cid Inc.’s Replug, before a further triptych for Particles in the shape of the sumptuous “Elysium” found itself featuring on both the Evocative and Visceral compilations series. A remix of Biologik in September 2015 is now followed by a second Particles remix that delights with its flowing percussive groove and delightful melodic phrasing that pay tribute to Ad Brown’s original in skilful manner while adding a dynamic layer of intrigue. Subtle side-chain pumping gives space for the various components to breathe and come together as a homogeneous whole in a sublime rework.

High “Calibre” work from has seen Ad Brown and Orsen reach the upper echelons of the modern underground dance scene.