Alex O’Rion – Adventures Of Captain Jellybean (Orsen Remix)

Title : Adventures Of Captain Jellybean (Orsen Remix)
Release Date : 2016
Catalog ref. : ALLEY056
Format : Digital Download

A return to golden memories as a Dutch star looks back through childhood lens to revisit a captured fragment in time. Alex O’Rion finds joy in coruscating melodies and emotive bass line, as synaesthesia again joins iridescent colours to aural palette. Limitless possibilities lie ahead in paralleled bouncing rhythmic cadence. The innocence of youth prevails, music still inextricably linked to an unbreakable family bond, “The Adventures of Captain Jellybean” continue.

A rising Dutch pair skyrocket towards the stratosphere, a collection of stars bearing witness to growing success as Huminal return to Mango Alley. Original themes inherent, a blistering launch finds elegance in dominant bass with shimmering melodic flair to the fore. Arpeggio stretching into infinity, a solar flare erupts at remix zenith. A golden glow in a moment of genius.

UK wizardry takes Orsen on a path of enlightenment through sublime moment in space and time. Melodic sequences expand and contract in universal precision allied to ‘big bang’ rhythms that stand the test of time, rippling outwards towards galaxy’s edge; natural science illuminating ribbons and wheels in a complex spiral array.

Expanding the known universe further, “The Adventures of Captain Jellybean” fill an electronic world full of exciting future promise.