Biologik – Metaphysical (Orsen Remix)

Title : Biologik - Metaphysical (Orsen Remix)
Release Date : 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : PSI1534
Format : Digital Download

UK born but Austrian based, Dan Orsen, has hit a rich vein of production form through his Orsen soubriquet since a debut for Optimized Recordings in the shape of 2014’s “Sticks and Stones” EP. “A love for multiple styles” combined with “unusual field recordings and sound design” has made the Orsen sound truly unique as he continues to develop a cultured production style that has begun to assemble a swathe of followers including such leading lights as Barry Jamieson, Blake Jarrell and Silinder. The “Look Twice” EP on Cid Inc’s. Replug continued to chart a path of success for Orsen in March 2015, before a debut on Particles saw the three-track “Elysium” demonstrate a overflowing well of talent from within Orsen’s musical imagination.

Returning to Particles once more, the Orsen remix of “Metaphysical” illustrates Orsen’s penchant for “analogue fuelled” beats with a pulsating work that carefully combines elements from Biologik’s original into a new throbbing club version with a vibrancy and dynamism that is full of Orsen’s distinctive style witnessed through a panoply of additional production material to mesmeric effect.

A tantalising new work from Biologik combined with a remix from Orsen has seen the “Metaphysical” truly brought into existence through audio ingenuity.

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by Marina Gerardi
Mastered by Cid Inc., Orsen
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren