Orsen – Elysium EP

Title : Orsen - Elysium EP
Release Date : 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : PSI1522
Format : Digital Download

UK born but firmly ensconced in his adopted Austrian homeland, “sonic explorer”, Dan Orsen, has caused quite a stir over the last six months with his Orsen production guise, crowned now by a trio of tracks on Particles as “Elysium” provides ethereal perfection.

A man with a “love for multiple styles of electronic music”, Orsen’s use of “unusual field recordings and sound design” form a fundamental basis for his production material. A burgeoning talent on the underground dance scene, a light was first shone on Orsen’s talent through the “DMC Ibiza Unsigned Buzz Charts” and the track, “Sticks and Stones”. This then blossomed into an impressive four-track EP for Optimized Recordings in September 2014, before a debut, in March 2015, for Cid Inc.’s highly regarded Replug label. The “Look Twice” EP provided a window into Orsen’s musical mind as the three tracks gained high-profile support from Barry Jamieson, Blake Jarrell and James Warren, the title track itself appearing on the Visceral 27 compilation.

Now making his full debut on Particles, “Elysium” is full of Orsen’s unique production techniques and the “analogue fuelled beats” that are the hallmark of his work.

The title track itself epitomises this style with a huge warm bass line wrapped in a crisp percussive shell clicking and popping its way across eight-and-a-half minutes of bouncing joy. Throbbing and pulsating alongside heavy beat, smooth melodic textures and intelligent lead riff, their presence is felt, dripped in reverbs and delays to create a rich sonic palette full of maturity and poise.

“Castles” continues the deep pulsing sounds of its predecessor as smooth, layered pads are combined with dominant and metronomic kick to create a work of intrigue and tension. Sustained chords hold a sway as they filter and pan in rhythmic glory marking out a track with strong musical pedigree.

The final offering sees “Witching Hour” mark a slight departure from its partner tracks. An effortless grooved bass line works its magic creating a dynamic, vibrant pattern that is joined by a counterpoint melody in the upper frequencies. This provides spine-tingling moments as its gated energy perfectly matches the elegant percussion and driving beats of the rhythm section.

A trio of new works from Orsen has demonstrated that “Elysium” is indeed a blessed and happy place in which to revel in eternal happiness.